Win 2 VIP pass to see The Flash Deep Tour on November 13 in Paris.

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Use your smartphone as a gamepad and read the instructions before each game. Earn points from all the games we have linked in this video clip. Keep an eye on the point tracker. It shows you how many you’ve won since you started.

  • You are nowthe bouncer

    Who will you let in?

    Drag the IDs on the left to deny entrance or on the right to allow them to enter. Only 18+ people can join in.

    Well done!

    Keep an eye on your score.

  • You are nowthe teen

    You drank too much!

    Tilt your phone from side to side to try to walk. Straight and not the walls.

    Time’s up!

    Keep an eye on your score.

  • You are nowthe salesman

    You and your co-workers are stocked to celebrate your promotion!

    Drink as many shots as you can. Tilt your phone back to take the shot. Watch out for the timer!

    Time’s up!

    Keep an eye on your score.

  • You are nowthe hipster

    Defend yourself against your attacker!

    Tap the screen as fast as you can to knock out your opponent! Watch out! He does fight back and can knock you out!

    Nice hook!

    Keep an eye on your score.

  • You are nowthe hipster

    Trick the bouncer to get in!

    On your smartphone find the best way to trick this bouncer! Up to you to be crafty!

    You are in!

    This guy might be blind! Now, rock the dancefloor !

    Try again...

    You did not fool the bouncer...



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And win 2 VIP pass to see The Flash Deep Tour on November 13 in Paris!

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The Hipster : Quentin Ferran

The Teens : Mélina Joab, Lara Mistretta & Camille Chambert-Loir

The Bouncer : Yannick Bouanga

The Salesmen : Jérémie Bonnouvrier, Oriane David & Cédric Thierry-Mieg

Production : InDaPROD

Production Digitale : Subskill

Conception/Redaction : InDaPROD

Directed by Gentil Gentil

1st Ass. Director : Clément Chabert

2nd Ass. Director : Elisa Franck

Producers : Baptiste Baradat & Bertrand Touchard

Line Producer : Yoann Morin

Production Assistant : Thibault Charmensat

Directors of Photography : Romain Alary & Etienne Muller

Assistants Camera : Vincent Flornoy & Camille Gaborit

Location Manager : Stéphane Tourini

Runners : Clément Herraiz & Alexandre Gibert

Special Thanks to all the extras casting, Margaux Bail, Marie Archambeaud, Samy Ado, Camille Beauplan, Jean-Christophe Fillippini, Sarah Jouault, Louisiane Trotobas, Mariam Coulibaly, Hélène Malterre, Juliette Chambert-Loir, Tanguy Conq, Antoine Touillou, Arthur Crunck, Strange Love, Morfine, Metshka...

Terms and conditions

Uptated on november 5th 2014

Universal Music France is a leader and referent in digital and physical entertainments. The potential of digital activity is taking more space in our business. Because Universal Music France respects your rights, individual freedom and private life and since the volume of collected data is important, Universal Music states below the principles and rules that the company will respect and apply.

1. Processing responsible.

The collected data by/for Universal Music France residing 20-22 rue des Fossés Saint-Jaques, 75005 Paris, enlisted in the Trades and Societies Register of Paris under the number B 414 945 188. In this statement, Universal Music France is responsible for processing in the law’s regard since the 6th January 1978 because of the law (Law N°78-17) on Data processing and freedom.

2. Collected Data.

Universal Music France is able to collect data, miscellaneous information by various ways when you are navigating on their websites, in the constant goal of improving your experience and services. This data can be collected directly by Universal Music or all other subcontractors, partners assisting in service management.

2.1 Personnal natured data.

2.1-1. Type of personal data.

As part of its services, Universal Music France is likely to collect personal data including:

  • Your name, surname;
  • Your sex;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Your address;
  • Your telephone number;
  • Email;
  • Your password;
  • Your banking information for payment of your purchases;
  • Your IP address.

Note that this list is not exhaustive and Universal Music France may collect other personal data, subject to compliance with laws and regulations and your prior express consent.

Failure to provide some of this information, Universal Music France cannot guarantee the full enjoyment of its services as well as all the potential they offer.

2.1-2. Means of collecting personal data.

Universal Music France may collect your personal data through various features including:

  • When creating a user account and / or during the modification of the latter: When Universal Music France asks you to provide your full name, email address, etc... This is particularly necessary to identify you, so you access to certain services, provide you with information that you requested, or maintain your user account. Moreover, it allows Universal Music France to improve the services we offer and provide you with content matching your tastes;
  • A subscription to newsletters of Universal Music France and / or Universal Music artists;
  • Participation in contests, sweepstakes, various promotional campaigns, surveys;
  • Participation in blogs, discussion forums. In this hypothesis, Universal Music France draw your attention to the fact that by participating in these exchanges, you disclose information of your own accord, and that as soon as they are visible on the pages of such blogs and forums, they become public. Moreover, some of your personal data can be made public by you. Universal Music France urges you to exercise restraint and caution when deciding to share some of this data. However, Universal Music France will in no way be held responsible for the use by any third party of personal data you have voluntarily agreed to disclose through such communication areas;
  • The use of mobile applications created by and / or on behalf of Universal Music France;
  • The creation of shopping carts on commercial sites;
  • Through information exchanged, published on third-party services including social networks.
    • 2.1-3. Use of personal data.

      Universal Music France may collect your personal data in order to better meet your expectations and provide you with more personalized services. Thus, Universal Music France may collect your data including:

      • § Respond to any request or question you would have sent via the email address equipe@umusic.com, the "Contact" tab, or by writing by mail to: Universal Music France - Legal Department, 20-22 rue Fosses Saint-Jacques 75005 Paris;
      • To send allocations as part of your participation in promotions, contests, lotteries;
      • To send you promotional information and offers of associated partners and / or independent to Universal Music France and for which you have consented to receive such offers;
      • To inform you of any changes in the supply of products and / or services;
      • To send messages by SMS, you can request by sending STOP shutdown in return for such an SMS;
      • To collect audience data to measure and analyze the efficiency of content and advertising, and to offer you the following new features, the most appropriate content, more targeted advertising to your preferences;
      • To allow you to share content from the site Universal Music France via social networks;
      • To enable Universal Music France to meet your orders, you deliver.
      2.1-4. Recipients of the personal data.

      Universal Music France may collect your personal data for its own use, to improve its services, but also transfer this information. It should be noted that Universal Music France agrees to give only information strictly necessary to all of its employees with regard to their policy areas, or expertise. In this sense, Universal Music France will communicate these data including:

    • Partners or providers who help Universal Music France in the development of its services and provide certain features that require access to this data, such as hosting, delivery services, specialized companies in the catchment data in the data analysis, this list is not exhaustive. In this hypothesis, Universal Music France requires compliance with its directives to them and demands that they do not use the data collected for their own business purposes;
    • A commercial or non-partners in order to contact you with offers and promotions, understanding that such personal data will be communicated as their only if you have consented to the sharing of such information and / or you have agreed to receive offers such partners,
    • Artists from the catalog of Universal Music France, when you have shown interest in some of them and you have expressly consented to share some information by subscribing to their newsletters for example. Such artists and their representatives can use these data to keep you informed of their latest products and news;
    • When Universal Music France is obliged to comply with certain legal and regulatory requirements, at the request of the competent authorities. This also includes the obligation to share some data with other companies and / or organizations to fight against the risk of fraud, for example.
    • 2.2- Cookies and other tracers.

      All the sites managed by Universal Music France operate with the implantation of cookies while browsing on these. A cookie does not identify a user directly. Generally, it records information relating to navigation of the user's computer on the sites and Universal Music France will keep on subsequent visits.

      These cookies can wear on various elements such as the type of internet browser you use, the terminal from which you access to websites, pages visited, the place where you are when viewing the sites.

      2.2-1. Cookies collected by Universal Music France.

      Various categories of Cookies can be used when browsing through the websites of Universal Music France including:

      • "Functional Cookies": Cookies are required for operations on the websites of Universal Music France, this includes cookies to identify you or storing a shopping cart, Cookies needed to improve and / or streamline your browsing on the websites, Cookies intended to provide you with services that you would have specifically requested, etc ...;
      • The "analytical cookies" to measure the audience of our sites, pages devoted to artists from Universal Music France, to determine the content most sought by you and all users.
      • These analytical cookies allow us to understand how you use our sites, to draw general trends and also to improve the way the sites of Universal Music France operate by ensuring that every user easily find what he is looking;

      • The "advertising cookies" that can provide you with promotional materials more suited to your tastes, notably based on the content you visit, you like, or you share on social networks;
      • "Cookies social networks" that correspond to the share buttons and "like" different social networks
      2.2-2. Cookies collected by third parties..

      The partners of Universal Music France are likely to develop, control and use of cookies as part of their services. In this hypothesis, these partners are solely responsible for Cookies they use, and which are subject to rules of confidentiality and protection of privacy of those partners. However, they engage with Universal to comply with all laws and regulations in force.

      3. User rights.

      3.1- Shelf life.

      Both the personal data that cookies are only stored for the time necessary to the treatment they are subject, as described herein.

      Furthermore, with regard to Cookies, against the recommendations of the CNIL, Universal Music France is committed to reapply the consent of users when it is necessary and appropriate not to keep more than 13 (thirteen) months cookies to be subject to prior consent.

      3.2- Right of opposition, access, correction and deletion.

      It is possible for you to access and change some of the information you have provided to Universal Music France, including the information listed at 2.1-1. hereof, including by visiting the website: www.universalmusic.fr under "Click here to update your profile".

      Furthermore, in accordance with the Data Protection Act, any user whose personal data were processed by Universal Music France services have the right to oppose, access, correction, deletion to respect of its data. For this, it may send an email to equipe@umusic.com or e-mail to: Universal Music France - Legal Department, 20-22 rue des Fosses Saint-Jacques - 75005 Paris

      3.2-1. Opt-out.

      When Universal Music France, its associated services, partners communicate with you, it is possible to refuse such communications. This can be done when you register by not ticking the boxes provided for this purpose or after notifying your wish. If you do not want or to receive offers, etc... information you can implement the opt-out procedure, following the instructions visible through the last mail that was sent to you and for which you want to unsubscribe. You can also contact by email equipe@umusic.com to express your wish to no longer receive information, specifying what communications you no longer wish to be informed. Universal Music France undertakes to respond quickly to your request.

      Regarding the communications you receive from third parties for which you have accepted prior to shipment, then you have to follow the instructions that you have provided in order to benefit from this opt-out.

      3.2-2. Settings cookies and opposition to their use.

      You can oppose the registration of cookies by configuring your web browser. To do so, simply follow these procedures, provided that your site navigation Universal Music France could, however, be altered, if not impossible in some cases:

      • For Mozilla Firefox:
        1. Choose the "Tools" then "Options" menu;
        2. Click the "Privacy";
        3. Locate the "Cookies" menu and select the options that suit you.
      • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0:
        1. Choose the "Tools" menu (or "Tools"), then "Internet Options" (or "Internet Options");
        2. Click on the "Privacy" tab (or "Confidentiality");
        3. Select the required level using the cursor.
      • For Microsoft Internet Explorer 5:
        1. Choose the "Tools" menu (or "Tools"), then "Internet Options" (or "Internet Options");
        2. Click the "Privacy" tab;
        3. Custom Level "using the cursor.
      • For Netscape 6.X and 7.X:
        1. Choose "Edit"> "Preferences";
        2. Confidentiality and Security;
        3. Cookies.
      • For Opera 6.0 and beyond:
        1. Choose the "File" menu> "Preferences";
        2. Privacy.
      • For Google Chrome:
        1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar;
        2. Select Settings;
        3. Click Show advanced settings;
        4. In the "Privacy" section, click the Settings button content;
        5. In the "Cookies" section, change your settings.

      3.3- CNIL.

      Under the Data Protection Act, Universal Music France agrees to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the respect of privacy, protection of personal data and also to the collection of Cookie. At the same, Universal Music France agrees to have done all the administrative formalities required by the CNIL.


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